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For the best service, from competent, experienced fire door inspections in Liverpool, choose FDI+. With years of experience working within the fire door industry, we're well-equipped to complete thorough inspections of your fire doors, ensuring that we provide you with the correct information. This makes sure that your fire doors can be fully compliant and will perform to their original intention if called upon.


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By having fully compliant fire doors within your buildings you are not only saving lives, you are also protecting the building itself! We offer a 24-hour service across the entirety of North West England, to make sure that you can get your fire doors checked at a time that suits you. We offer fire door inspection in Liverpool, carried out by highly competent, FDIS-qualified engineers.






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The Importance of Fire Door Inspection

If you're responsible for any building premises, whether they're shops, schools, hotels or social housing, you need to make sure your fire doors are in check with regulations. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 lays out, in no uncertain terms, what your responsibilities are, as a “Responsible Person,” in charge of any building.

In the wake of the tragedy that was the Grenfell Tower fire, an enquiry was ordered by the UK government and, since then, new regulations have been introduced, known as the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022. There has never been a more important time to get in touch with your local fire door inspectors in Liverpool, to ensure that your building is still compliant, in light of these regulatory changes.

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Why Choose FDI+?


FDI+ put trustworthiness and competence at the top of the priority list, so we will only use the most Competenant and Qualified fire door inspectors in Liverpool  and the North West to inspect your doors.


We have been working within the fire door industry for some years. The foundation of our expertise is built on fitting and installing fire doors for businesses and public buildings around the country. Now, we're fully qualified fire door inspectors in Liverpool, with a wealth of experience.


What we pride ourselves on most is our competent, straightforward approach to fire door inspections. We're knowledgeable about the industry and offer useful, practical advice in our reports after every inspection.









We're proud of every job we complete, having made sure that one more building is safe and secure, protected from fire. Listen to what some of our happy customers have had to say about our work and then get in touch for the same excellent service.


Kieran Malone Properties...

We had FDI+ carry out fire door inspection surveys across 2 of our HMO properties. Quick, efficient and very much detailed. They also upgraded all our doors inline with the latest building regulations   |     |  

Ashgarth Properties...

We found FDI+ on google and they where out within 1 week providing us with a full report detailing the condition of our doors in one of our HMO properties. We asked FDI+ to carry out the remedial works who did so enabling our doors to become compliant.   |     |  

Ali Properties...

We were in need of a quick turn around fire door inspection survey. FDI+ visited out of hours late one evening to carry out the survey. We didn't realise what was required for fire doors to be compliant until the FDI+ explained to us.   |     |  

Factory installations ...

We were let down by our builder last minute and had to fit 10 fire doors to fit within one week to sign off a job. FDI+ arranged for all materials and installation having the job complete in 3 days with a great team of lads on the job. Doors are spot on thank you.   |     |  



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